Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joseph's Wine & Food, Duchnicka 3, Warszawa, Poland

I am happy that Joseph Seeletso has moved closer to the center of Warsaw from Centrum Wina at Pulawska street.  Although, it was there, 5 years ago, that he served me a steak, which I considered one of the best steaks I have ever eaten (including the endless selection I have succumbed to all across the USA).  The key approach to going there though is to look at the name of the place, where wine is mentioned first and the food second.  The sommelier Rafal Kis really tunes into what you are telling him, and tries to find a wine that will suit your taste the best.  The Spanish and Italian wines rule, but the selection is really varied from all over the world.  I am partial to the grand cru French Chablis for starters, and later to the Spanish wines from Ribeiro del Duero region; so I am always content there.  The menu is pretty simple.  Every time I went there, the list of main courses consisted of choice of steak, duck, halibut and red snapper, posted on the board nest to the kitchen.  It’s worth noting that Joseph’s celery puree is truly amazing and world class, and recommendable any and every time.  The steaks are really good (as I have mentioned above), but the fish is what I always go for in the evening; it's a hit every time. 

Overall, the place is great for casual dining with the friends and acquaintances of all kinds.  It is a loft-like former production hall, which has a great atmosphere, and where staff is very friendly and understanding. I have been several times, and I am definitely going back.

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